Vertical Antennas-Ground Radials

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One of the major problems with vertical and random length wire antennas is the installation of an effective ground radial or counterpoise system.  Without a good ground radial system, the performance of your 1/4 wavelength vertical or long wire antenna will suffer.

In this video from Callum McCormick (M0MCX), we see one way to design, install, and test a ground radial system for HF vertical antennas.

Here are some of Callum's comments:

Ground Radials are a thing of "Mystique". I use the formula of using 4-wavelengths of wire in total, cut into random lengths to suit.All my radials are LESS than 1/8th of a wavelength. For 80m, my radials are around 2.4% of the wavelength. My experience and demonstration in a real-world solution will assist our thinking. HEY, Subscribe here: My Shop: Playlists: DX Commander: My Crazy Vlogs: Ham Radio Foundation Training: Goodies for radio buffs: Software for Radio Guys: Antenna Software Modelling: Ham Radio Tips: PS Sub-Titles help out some folks and non-English speaking people. If you are bi-lingual, you can help the others by contributing your time to closed caption subtitles here: Let me know if you've done this and I can give you appropriate credit. Enjoy your science folks. Good luck. Callum. M0MCX. DX Commander Founder.
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