Water's Edge Portable DX: A half-square antenna

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This is post 2350 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

Combine a beautiful seaside location with the simplicity of a half-square antenna and you get an effective, inexpensive DX antenna suitable for portable or emergency operations.  With a little creativity, you can erect a half-square hf antenna at your home station for improved results over a basic dipole.

Australian radio amateur Peter Parker (VK3YE) does a superb job of explaining the theory behind the half-square antenna, how to make the antenna, and how to use it in the field.  An excellent introduction for a truly outstanding antenna.

Here are a few of Peter's comments:

Testing a half square antenna on 14 MHz. Comprising a wavelength of wire bent into a wide inverted U, the half square over a good ground can radiate a low angle signal suitable for long distance HF contacts. Construction is simple. Just take 22m of wire and string it up on two poles 11m apart, with equal lengths hanging down. Connect one to an antenna coupler and load it against short counterpoise wire(s).
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