Abbree Foldable CS Tactical Antenna

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If you want to add a bit more "punch" to your HT signal, why not add this new "Abbree Foldable CS Tactical Antenna" to your emergency "go-kit?"

Michael Martens (KB9VBR) reviews the performance of this compact, lightweight VHF antenna and recommends the kit for those concerned with getting a decent signal from your HT.

Here are some of Michael's observations:

I was looking for an antenna to throw in my camping kit to give the portable radio a little more range. Typically campsites and backwoods locations tend to be RF challenged, so I wanted something for my Yaesu FT-3DR to pick up area repeaters and APRS traffic without having to hoist up a larger base antenna. With that in mind, enter the Abbree foldable CS tactical antenna. Become a patron! Unlock exclusive content at: Abbree Foldable CS Tactical Antenna SMA-Male (For Yaesu/Kenwood/Icom): Abbree Foldable CS Tactical Antenna SMA-Female (For Baofeng/Btech/Anytone): Support Ham Radio Q&A by shopping at Amazon: Read my blog: Colophon: Camera Lens Wireless Microphone: Microphone: Music by license: #Abbree #antenna #handheldradio
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