MFJ-6120 Zepp and MFJ-6220 Collinear Review

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This is post 2360 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

An interesting, concise, and well-produced video from David Casler (KE0OG) about two popular MFJ HF Antennas:  The MGJ-6120 Zepp and the MFJ-6220 Collinear Antennas.  Both antennas require a bit of adjustment before maximum efficiency is attained. Both antennas also give a bit of gain (around 3 dBi).

Here are some of Dave's observations about these antennass:

These are both 20 meter single band wire antennas (also available for other bands). This video reviews the "how it works" followed by tests for each, and explains how I got the Zepp to work. I particularly like the collinear (and, yes, it's spelled with two L's), which performs significantly better than my station vertical.

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