My favourite magnetic loop for HF pedestrian mobile. Post 1989.

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Australian radio amateur Peter Parker (VK3YE) has experimented extensively with what he calls "pedestrian mobile antennas."  These antennas can be used either in motion or in a fixed location at a beach or public park.

In this video, Peter explores a simple, practical pedestrian magnetic loop for the 40 meter amateur radio band (7 MHz). Peter compares copper and aluminum magnetic loops of different construction for their ease of operation and efficiency.

Several of his magnetic loop designs have reached out between 300 km/185 miles and 1500 km/930 miles.  In Peter's view, "Tests demonstrate that HF pedestrian mobile with easily carried antennas is both effective and practical."

Before you build and use these innovative antennas, please be aware that you may be exposed to excessive radiation near the transmitting elements of this design and could get shocked if you make contact with the antenna during transmissions.

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