Friday, September 27, 2019

Build A 2M Yagi for Emergencies (and Fun!). Post 2004.

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This intriguing, easy-to-understand video from Matt Herre has convinced me to build a simple, inexpensive Yagi Antenna for my local 2 meter activity.  What makes this project so much fun is that Matt is using materials found around his home and resorts to only simple tools to build this handy emergency/portable antenna.

Here's Matt's general description of his latest antenna project:

Challenged myself to build a usable Yagi style antenna for the 2 Meter (2M - 144MHz) amateur radio band. The challenge part is that I wanted to use stuff I had lying around, and I wanted to build it using the fewest possible tools. Definitely no electric powered tools, so that this could be replicated in an emergency, no-power situation. It's a PVC boom and uses standard 12GA electrical circuit wire for the elements. Everything is assembled using wire ties, and cut to length based on measurements - no antenna analyzer. It turned out pretty well. Made a couple contacts and managed not to get frostbite in the process. The design is based on an older ARRL article which is freely available here:
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