Stealth Vertical Full Wave Loop Antenna Ham Radio. Post 1748.

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Rich Rodgers has come up with another way of using a stealth antenna in his deed-restricted property.  In this video, Rich shows how he positioned a vertical full wave loop antenna between some elevated bird houses to disguise his HF antenna.  According to Rich the antenna SWR is acceptable with an inline antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  You could also use a 4:1 current balun between your antenna "tuner" and antenna feed to reduce SWR even further.

I've used several full wave loop antennas on 40 meters using balanced feed line and a balun-"tuner" combination to give me multiband coverage.  Rich's project is simple and should get you on the with air minimum problems.  Just make sure HOA "enforcers" don't examine the bird houses too closely.  One could always use a telescoping fiberglass mast to support a sloping delta loop. Just raise the loop when you want to operate, and lower the mast and loop when you're done.

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