160 Meter Inverted L Antenna. Post 1734.

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Now that propagation is favoring the lower HF bands (160 meters through 40 meters), it may be a good idea making an antenna for these bands.  Because of the size of 160 meter antennas, you may have to make some uncomfortable comprises to use the "Top Band".  Inverted Vs and L antennas can offer you decent performance at a reasonable cost.

However, if you have a fairly large property with several tall trees,  you can follow Bob Holowenko's inverted L design and have a high performance antenna in a few hours.

Bob's antenna consists of 127 ft/38.71 m of wire with 6 X 127 ft/38.71 m radial wires.  Despite some limitations, Bob calls his homemade inverted L "one of the best performing antennas I've played."

Why not experiment with a variety of designs and configurations?  Antenna experimentation is one of the joys of Amateur/Ham Radio.  Considering the propagation issues of the day, Bob's design may just be the right 160 meter antenna for you.

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