ARRL abandons congressional efforts to pass the Amateur Radio Parity Act. Post 1753

ARRL drops efforts to pass the Amateur Radio Parity Act.

Accessed on 25 January 2019, 0304 UTC, Post 1753.


Editor:  Rick Lindquist (WW1ME).

As the old saying goes:  "Close, but no cigar."  The ARRL Board of Directors has decided to abandon legislative efforts to save the "Amateur Radio Parity Act".  The legislative package was aimed at relieving some of the antenna restrictions found in deed-restricted properties (HOAs and CC&Rs).  Over the past few years, the "Amateur Radio Parity Act" has come close to passage, but was stopped cold when the U.S. Congress rejected the measure.

Rather than try another congressional battle, the ARRL has decided to appeal directly to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for antenna relief.

Here's the official position of the ARRL from the 24 January 2019 issue of "The ARRL Letter":

"ARRL Board of Directors Issues Statement on Amateur Radio Parity Act
At its annual meeting January 18 - 19, the ARRL Board of Directors decided that the organization needs to "review, re-examine, and reappraise ARRL's regulatory and legislative policy with regard to private land use restrictions."
In order to effectively undertake such a review, the Board adopted a resolution to withdraw its December 18 Petition for Rule Making to the FCC, which sought to amend the Part 97 Amateur Service rules to incorporate the provisions of the Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA), without prejudice to refiling. The resolution also is asking members of Congress who had refiled legislation to enact the Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA) to refrain from seeking to advance that legislation pending further input from ARRL.
Board members noted that ARRL has been pursuing adoption of the ARPA for the past several years, and that objective has not yet been achieved. While everyone understands that getting Congressional approval on any matter can be a lengthy process, the difficulties getting the ARPA approved has been a source of frustration to the organization and its members. A majority of the Board now believes that there is a need to reassess the organization's approach to this issue.
The Board wants to make clear to its members, and to those whose policies and conduct prevent or impair the right of US Amateur Radio operators to operate from their homes, that this pause is not, and should not be interpreted as an abandonment of its efforts to obtain relief from private land-use restrictions. The Board noted that its intent is "to renew, continue and strengthen the ARRL's effort to achieve relief from such restrictions." This action represents a chance to get the best product possible for all US Amateur Radio operators.
The Board expressed its sincere appreciation to the thousands of ARRL members who took the time to contact their representatives in Congress to urge them to support the Amateur Radio Parity Act. The Board also offered its thanks to those members of Congress who have consistently and continuously supported the rights of US Amateur Radio operators."
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