ARRL Field Day Safety - Ham Radio Q&A. Post 1752.

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One of the great experiences facing radio amateurs is the annual ARRL Field Day, usually held on the last full weekend of June.  Field Day is part contest, part emergency preparedness, and mostly fun.  Approximately 40,000 hams throughout North America will "head to the field" to set up operating sites, erect portable antennas, power emergency rigs, and divide time between swatting pesky insects and making contacts.

In this video by Michael Martens (KB9VBR), we learn that communicating "in the wild can bring out a myriad of challenges, the largest, notwithstanding, is operator and station safety."  Michael takes us step-by-step through the basic safety and operating procedures that will protect your life while you make contacts with your fellow radio amateurs.  Pay particular attention to his comments on generators, grounds, antenna integrity, and site security.  It's not too early to prepare for one of the largest amateur radio events.

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