The W8JK Antenna. Post #1628.

The W8JK Antenna. Post #1628.

Author:  ZR6TXA.

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Comment:  It's alway fun to build and try a classic antenna.  Such is the case with the W8JK beam antenna, originally designed, built, and used by John Krauss in 1937.  Krauss updated his ground breaking design in the June 1982 issue of "QST", published by the ARRL.

In this post, ZR6TXA takes us step-by-step through the design, construction, and use of this simple, effective beam antenna.  Simply stated, the W8JK antenna consists of 2 closely-spaced parallel dipoles driven with opposite phase.  Properly designed, the W8JK can cover 20 meters through 10 meters with elements only 7.3 meters/23.94 ft long.  According to ZR6TXA, optimum element spacing is around 2.6 meters/8.52 feet.

The article contains helpful drawings, photos, and suggestions for the novice antenna experimenter.  Why not built and use a "classic" antenna during your next long holiday weekend?  The W8JK would be the perfect choice for those looking for a simple, effective, and inexpensive HF beam antenna.

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