NVIS-A Way to Build One. Post #1617.

NVIS-A Way to Build One. Post #1617.


Author:  Stacy Holbrook (KH6JRM).

Accessed on 15 September 2018, 1557 UTC, Post #1617.

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Do you need a reliable, sturdy, and inexpensive antenna for local or regional communications?  If you do, a simple NVIS (near vertical incident skywave) HF antenna may be what you're looking for.  These high-angle radiators provide consistent coverage out to approximately 500 miles/810 kilometers, depending on propagation and weather conditions.  I've used a simple 40 meter NVIS antenna mounted 16 feet/4.87 meters above ground level to check in to the Hawaii Interisland Net. My signal reports vary from 57 to 59.

In this post, Stacy (KH6OWL) provides a simple tutorial on getting started in NVIS communications. He provides drawings, photos, and three outstanding videos to explain the theory and operation of NVIS HF antennas. 

NVIS antennas are perfect for local or regional nets, "rag chews", and emergency communications.

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