Dipole and Inverted Vee design and calculator. Post #1609.

Dipole and Inverted Vee design and calculator. Post #1609.


Accessed on 08 September 2018, 0507 UTC, Post #1609.

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Here's a handy calculator for radio amateurs who build their own antennas.  Dipoles and Inverted Vees are simple, basic antennas that work well if you design them correctly.  This article explains the theory and simple math equations that will give you the proper element lengths for these antennas.

Of course, your final design will be affected by several factors:

As you may already know, no two antenna installations are alike or identical in many ways, even when using identical antennas and each the same height above ground.
The surroundings, height above ground, the ground conductivity, and many other factors can detune most any antenna. Even the length, diameter of wire used, and type of feedline can be a factor to some extent.
Using larger conductor diameters for the antenna like aluminum tubing rather than normally used #12 or #14 AWG wire can have an effect that will be different than using the calculator which is designed for normal wire use.
The old standby formula 468 / freq in mhz = total length is used in the calculator for an average height of 1/2 wave high and horizontal dipole..and then 5 % is subtracted from that number to get the inverted V lengths. These formulas are used to get you close to the desired lengths......but they will result in ONLY the ball park lengths and not an exact length when you take into consideration all of the factors involved with the environment of the antenna.
If you take these considerations into account, you should have an efficient, simple antenna that will give you hours of enjoyment.  Besides, you'll get the satisfaction of building something useful for your ham station, and, in the process, learn a bit more about antenna theory and design.  Good luck!

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