Short Ham Antennas for HF. Post #1578.

Short Ham Antennas for HF
Author:  Claude Jollet (VE2DPE).
Accessed on 08 August 2018, 0454 UTC, Post #1578.

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Fascinating, informative tutorial from Claude Jollet (VE2DPE) on how to build a linearly-loaded dipole which delivers full half-wave dipole performance with 30% to 35% less space than the classic dipole.  The radiation resistance of this antenna is about 30 ohms, so you'll need an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner") to get maximum efficiency out of this antenna.

Claude describes this antenna with excellent drawings, suggests helpful construction techniques, and explains the basic theory behind this shortened dipole antenna.  Claude also supplies a recommended antenna length for each HF Amateur Radio band. Check out this graphic to see how much space is saved through linear loading:
Thanks for joining us today.  Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).
Linearly-Loaded Dipole
Approximate Dimensions
10M (28.5 MHz)  3.5 m. (11.5 ft.)
12M (24.9 MHz) 4.0 m. (13.2 ft.)
15M (21.1 MHz) 4.73 m. (15.5 ft.)
17M (18.1 MHz) 5.51 m. (18.1 ft.)
20M (14.1 MHz) 7.08 m. (23.2 ft.)
30M (10.1 MHz) 9.89 m. (32.44 ft.)
40M (7.1 MHz) 14.06 m. (46.14 ft.)
80M (3.6 MHz) 27.74 m. (91.0 ft.)
160M (1.85 MHz)53.97 m. (177.08 ft.)


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