HF NVIS Antenna First Look. Post #1579.

If you can't view the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq7PU5oLWh8.

A nicely  done video tutorial from Andy Wragg on how to build a NVIS antenna for local and regional coverage.  Andy uses a non-resonant design to build this dual band (40 meters and 80 meters) NVIS.  Because this NVIS design uses non-resonant elements, you will need an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner") to realize maximum efficiency and low SWR for this NVIS antenna.

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  1. One of the NVIS "Bibles," NEAR VERTICALINCIDENCE SKYWAVE COMMUNICATION," by Fiedler and Farmer, out of print for many years, is now available from UNIVERSAL RADIO - DX ENGINEERING - JKI ELECTRONICS


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