Five Band Indoor Magnetic Loop Aerial by G4IZH. Post #1572.

Five Band Indoor Magnetic Loop Aerial by G4IZH. Post #1572.

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Accessed on 02 August 2018, 0038 UTC, Post #1572.


Although this antenna is a bit complicated, you may want to consider G4IZH's design if you can use no other antenna on your lot.  The "aerial" requires a bit of technical skill, but the rewards of completing this project far outweigh its challenges.

G4IZH says the antenna covers the 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meter Amateur Radio bands (14 MHz to 29.7 MHz) with a 1:1 SWR throughout the tuning range.  Each construction step is illustrated by excellent photographs and helpful suggestions.

Like any compromised antenna, there are limitations that should be considered:

"The main problem with mag loops is that they are very high Q and need to be re tuned even for a relatively small change in frequency so a motorised tuning capacitor arrangement is most definately required.
The big advantages are that they can be used indoors, are small in size and it is possible to cover quite a few bands with the same loop, they also tend to pick up less locally generated noise.   The loop does have directional properties and can be used in the vertical or horizontal mode."

This antenna can be weatherized if outdoor use is desired.

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