Simple Ham Radio Antennas--How To Build A Delta Loop Antenna. Post #872.

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this title link into your browser search box: My favorite amateur radio antenna is the easily-made and efficient delta loop antenna. In this video from Hiram Vazquez (WV2H), we learn the basic theory, construction, and performance parameters of this versatile HF antenna. Delta Loops display modest gain, have low noise, take up little room, and are inexpensive to build.  At my QTH, I have a delta loop similar to Hiram's.  The antenna's total length is 142-feet/43.29 meters and is attached to the top of a 33-ft/10.06 meters telescoping fiberglass pole.  The bottom portion of the delta loop is supported by two 10-ft/10.06 meters bamboo poles. The antenna is fed by a length of 450 ohm ladder line running into a 4:1 current balun. A short length of RG-8X coaxial cable connects the balun to my trusty Drake MN-4 antenna transmatch.  A small piece of RG-8X coax connects the "tuner" to my Swan 100 MXA HF transceiver.  My delta loop covers 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters with no difficulty.  Hopefully, Hiram's tutorial will give you some ideas on how to build your own delta loop antenna.  This is a great HF antenna!

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