Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Do small tuned counterpoises work with HF vertical antennas?

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this title link into your browser searchbox: This is post #880 in a continuing series discussing amateur radio antennas. Great video tutorial from Peter Parker (VK3YE). Long radials are a hassle in a portable or emergency situation. Ground-mounted radial wires can present a safety hazard to both animals and people.  In this video, Peter uses a television rabbit ears antenna along with a variable capacitor to create a tuned counterpoise for his 20 meter vertical antenna.  The small tuned counterpoise system works very well and reduces the chances of someone getting tangled up in a ground radial system. Of course, Peter's location near a beautiful Australian beach helps launch a decent signal.  If you don't have sufficient room for a ground radial system, try this idea from Peter.

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