Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Reviews/Summary for Alpha Loop 10-40 meters. Post #867.

Review/Summary for Alpha Loop 10-40 meters
Accessed on 15 August 2016, 20:35 hrs, UTC.
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Magnetic Loop Antennas have gained acceptance and popularity among radio amateurs as both emergency and portable antennas, as well as antennas that can be used in HOA/CC&R controlled housing.

Although one can build a magnetic loop antenna (there are several good youtube videos covering the subject), you may want to buy a commercial model with a tested design and performance record.

Such is the case with the Alpha Loop Antenna for 10-40 meters.  Based on the user reviews in this article, this magnetic loop antenna is ideal for portable operations and can be used in restricted housing situations without raising the suspicions of nosey neighbors. The Alpha Magnetic Loop Antenna is well-built, sturdy, and portable.  The materials are first-rate and the loop leaves only a small "footprint" on your property.  Set up and break down take only a few minutes.  This could be the antenna you're looking for.

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