Simple Ham Radio Antennas--HDV 0034 Stealth Amateur Radio Apt. Post #640.

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this address into your browser search box:  This video from Charlie (KD8EFQ) should appeal to radio amateurs living in deed-restricted apartments or houses (HOAs/CC&Rs).  Charlie has assembled a working amateur radio station capable of covering amateur radio  HF and VHF bands with only a minimal outlay for cost and materials.  He uses mag mount mobile antennas for his VHF work and antenna parts found on eBay for the HF antenna.  Hopefully, Charlie's efforts will inspire other apartment-bound amateur radio operators to experiment and get on the air.  Afterall, a compromise antenna is better than no antenna.  For the latest Amateur Radio news and events, please check out the blog sidebars.  These news feeds are updated daily.  You can follow our blog community with a free email subscription or by tapping into the blog RSS feed. Thanks for joining us today!  Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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