Simple Ham Radio Antennas--$4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna. Post #642.

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this address into your browser search box:  In this excellently produced video, Dave Tadlock (KG0ZZ) shows us an easily-made yagi antenna covering the amateur radio 2 m/70 cm bands.  You can use this antenna with your dual band HT to work the SO-50 and other FM amateur radio satellites.  Most of the materials can be found at the nearest hardware or building supply outlet. The antenna elements can be made from metal clothes hangers, steel rods, or even sections of steel measuring tape.  A wooden dowel or even lightweight PVC pipe can be used to support the antenna elements.  Your feed line can be 50 ohm coaxial cable such as RG-58/RG-8X.  Seventy-five (75) ohm coax such as RG-6 can be used as well. Good luck.  For the latest Amateur Radio news and events, please check out the blog sidebars.  These news feeds are updated daily.  You can follow our blog community with a free email subscription or by tapping into the blog RSS feed. Thanks for joining us today! Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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