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Anticipating more economic chaos ahead, I'm well on
my way to assembling a backup station, spare parts, and
assorted tools to tide me over in case my main rig goes
to the big ground plane in the sky.  The ole Swan 100-
MX is holding its own, but one never knows when some
non-obtainable part gives up the ghost. So, I'm cleaning
up a Kenwood 520 the family of a Hawaii ham who went
SK a while back.  The rig is is pretty good shape.  I've
ordered a spare power cord, alignment tools, and a spare
12BY7A driver turbe.  The original 2001 finals are still
serviceable.  I have a few spare 6146Bs in the "tube" bin
in the event the old tubes die.  My standby Yaesu FT-7
QRP rig (10 watts) is in excellent shape after I cleaned it
up and got the oxide off switches, etc.  My collection of
coax feedline, 450-ohm twin lead, and assorted lenghts of
#16 antenna wire is adequate to build several antennas.
Along with my solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and a
trusty Honda generator, I can keep a modest ham station
on the air without a large outlay of funds.  Once I get every-
thing in order, I can concentrate on riding out this economic
mess.  One never knows how long the job will last, so I'm
watching expenses very closely and saving as much as I can.
For now, it's cash and no credit cards.  I hope the best for all
of you.  There isn't much we can do except to stay out of debt
and hold our public servants accountable.  Have a good week-
end.  73 de Laupahoehoe.  KH6JRM.


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