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Just a quick note from the radio ranch in Laupahoehoe.
While I was waiting for the soldering iron to warm up
for one of my antenna experiments, I came across an
interesting weblog called "The Economic Collapse",
dated 12 July 2010.  The ariticle gave several tips for
coping with the continuing economic recession that
has turned this country into one of the world's largest
debtor nations.  The article argued that most of us
know that economic disintegration is around the
corner and that we must take steps to prepare for
shortages, reduced incomes, and act responsibly with
our financial resources.  Although I don't agree with
the generally gloomy stance of the piece, I feel we
ignore the trend at our peril.  Don't spend what you
don't have and get out of debt if you can.  Pretty
good advice.  In future articles, I will outline what
I'm doing to avoid the debt trap and remain free of
unnecessary financial burdens.  I will also explain what
I doing to keep my amateur radio hobby alive at a mini-
mum financial outlay.  Your suggestions are welcome as
always.  Squeeze that penny...73 de KH6JRM.


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