Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Happy 4th of July to everyone. How about a simple, almost
free antenna for your back yard?  This antenna is not original,
but it does a pretty decent job on 40 m through 10 m with a
an ATU or plays well on 40/15 m with ordinary coax.  While
I was cleaning up an old MFJ 33'fiberglass mast in the back
yard, I attached a 33' piece of #14 gauge wire to the fully
extended mast, cut 6, 33' of old #22 gauge wire for radials,
and attached the wires to an old Budwig connector.  I ran
some RG-8 I had in the shack to my Drake MN-4.  A 3'\
piece of RG-8 ran from the MN-4 to the Swan 100 MX.
Nothing fancy.  But I had fun running some contacts on 40-
meters.  Fifteen meters was a bit dead early this morning, so
I won't try that band until later today.  Even with 10-15 watts
out, I had a lot of fun getting some cw done on the lower 25
kHz of 40 meters.  I just did this on a whim and had fun in the
process. I hope you have a good and safe holiday. 73 de

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