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Maintaining your amateur radio hobby during this time
of recession can be challenge, especially when un-
employment and furloughs loom over many of us.
What I'm doing to maintain the hobby is not for
everyone, but my approach enables me to enjoy
amatuer radio while keeping the family ship afloat.
Once I get the bills paid and cover monthly ex-
penses, I still have a little left over for heating the
atmosphere with rf.  I'm putting off getting a new
rig and instead I'm keeping the older equipment
repaired and operational.  I'm also working more
with home-brew antennas to cut costs.  Just keep
an eye out for surplus wire, pvc pipe, and cast off
RG-6 from cable installations.   Even old RG-58 and
RG-8 can be used for something.  The old braid has
several uses as well as the basic copper inner wire which
can be used for radials.  Since this recession will be run-
ning for awhile, I will defer most purchases in favor of
learning to do with less.  Yes, I really want an Elecraft
K-3, but with the financial crunch still with us, I'll put off
that purchase 'till later.  It's time to get out the antenna books
and soldering iron.  Learn as much as you can about your
existing rig and keep it running.  The money you save now
may be needed for food, rent, and medical costs later.  Be
creative and positive about amateur radio--frugality is in, credit
spending is out.  Pay cash and get out of debt if you can.
'Til next time. 73 de KH6JRM.


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