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'Just a quick note to wish all of you a happy Easter.
I'm working the Sunday shift at the KKBG-FM/
KHLO-AM news room during the holdiday.
Things are fairly quiet for now, as the Big Island
prepares for the annual Merrie Monarch Festival
which begins Monday.  The event is the premier
Hawaiian cultural event of the year.  The station
is involved in some coverage, so I will be a busy
fellow for the next few days.  I may be able to
squeeze in a bit of cw over the next few days.
The homebrew fiberglass vertical is working
well, although lining up a few more radials
will be a problem because of my rental home's
small lot.  The four elevated counterpoise wires
are helping, considering my lack of space.  I
was planning to get a HF rig in my old Tercel,
but I was sideswiped by a truck on Saturday
morning, so that project will be on hold until
the body shop fixes up the vehicle.  No one
was hurt....rigs and cars can be replaced....
people can't.  Have a safe's
hoping I can follow my own advice.  Aloha
from Hawaii Island.  73, KH6JRM.


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