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Now that the holidays are over, it's back to work at the
radio station news room (serving 4 Hawaii Island radio
stations).  The big item this week is the 47th Annual
Merrie Monarch Festival, the premier Hawaiian
Cultural event of the year.  Most of the on-air staff
will be busy with all of the events surrounding the
festival, so I'll have to be creative when it comes to
ham radio time.  Every once in a while, one gets a
cheery note that adds a bit of perspective to the daily
grind.  Today, I received a nice note from John,
KS4D (ex-KH6JRN), one of my early contacts
when I was a Novice operator.  It was so good to
hear from him.  John found me on my other blog
site and brought me up to date. Oh, do I remem-
ber those optimistic days when our "peanut
whistles" gave us access to the world.  Despite
all of the truly advanced media in use today, there
is a certain warm feeling for launching a signal into
the "ether".  I must be getting old..but I love it.
Have a good day...73 from the Big Island
KH6JRM (Russ).


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