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The busy weekend is over at last at KKBG-FM//KHLO-
AM.  The news room is usually quiet and I get some time
to catch up on the federal paperwork, station logs, and
equipment maintenance.  It's nice working around state
of the art equipment at a commercial broadcast station.
'Makes me wish for similar stuff at the home ham
station.  One can dream...or is it dream on?  I managed
to monitor some of the traffic going on this weekend in
ARRL's newscomer contest, which resembles the old
"Novice Roundup" of decades ago.  That contest was
a blast, especially considering my dearth of operating
skills in those days (mid-70s).  Those in this contest
sounded like they were having a good time.  Some of
these new operators were quite proficient and I'm glad
to see the "newbies" getting into the swing of things.
Speakin of new items, what do you think of the newly
reworked ARRL website?  It's pretty fancy and seems
eye catching--I'll have to give the site a few more weeks
to eliminate the bugs before I pass judgement on the
arrangement.  Some have reacted negatively to the
obvious "commercial" feel to the site.  I sort of like it--
the old site seemed a bit pedestrian and sterile.  I
suppose my work with commercial sites used in the
radio business has conditioned me to expect something
more.  But change moves on--whether good or bad.
Have a good weekend and keep that J-38 key plugged
in.  Aloha from the Big Island. 73 de KH6JRM.


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