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Satellite Eggbeater Antennas

How would you like to try a different type of satellite antenna? In this video from Robert J. Meade, we see two different approaches to the "classic" Eggbeater Antenna--a DIY model and a commercial example from M2 Antennas. Source: This is post 2516 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas. Here are some general comments from Robert: In this video I give an overview of the design and use cases for 2 distinct eggbeater antennas, a DIY eggbeater V2 antenna and a commercially produced eggbeater antenna from M2 Antennas, both designed for 435 MHz and have right hand circular polarization. M2 Antennas Egg Beater: ​ Eggbeater V2 Antenna Design: ​ Eggbeater Antenna Reference (Including RHCP schematic): ​ Introduction: ( 0:00 ​ ) Eggbeater V2 Radiation Pattern: ( 0:40 ​ ) M2 Antennas Eggbeater Radiatio