Metal Tape Antenna Magic: This Stuff Is Crazy!!!


Get ready for the annual ARRL Field Day Emergency Communications Exercise, 22-23 June 2024, 1800 UTC Saturday to 2059 UTC Sunday.

If you need a simple, effective, and mostly cheap HF antenna for that annual event, look no further than this project from Simon (VA7BIX).

If you have some extra wire, a metal tape measure, a telescoping fiberglass fishing pole, an extra balun, some coax or ladder line, then you have most of the materials needed to launch your Field Day Antenna.

Simon takes you step-by-step in making and using this emergency portable antenna.  His initial results are impressive, considering the limited design parameters of this "sky hook."

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Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

Here are some comments from Simon (VA7BIX):

Metal Tape Antenna Magic: This STUFF IS CRAZY!!! #antenna #hf #hamradio G'day Mates - huge shout out to Kevin and Steve "QRP NET" - who inspired me to race to the park with METAL TAPE, "Get it off the ground" and see if I could make contact! THIS STUFF IS CRAZY!!! Wooohoooo This video is a totally "spur of the moment" video mates, so limited editing, and holding the camera etc... just wanted to get it out there - the true magic of Metal Tape. Thanks for watching mates. MERCHANDISE STORE - ALL PROFITS GO TO THE HEART FOUNDATION: DISCORD:   / discord   Feel free to click πŸ‘ Like πŸ‘‰ Comment πŸ‘‰ SUBSCRIBE WOOOHOOO 🎺🎺 HUGE THANKS TO THE PATREON MEMBERS OF MY CHANNEL: Darrell Beard Lorene Hacker Bill Mitchell Rich Korona Mike Hausauer Stan Kuprianczyk Josh Averyt Maurice Austin Randy Tonne John Platt Randall Rash Roy Maynard If you wish to 'tip' the channel, here's the link:   / hamjazz   Thanks mates! BURNABY RADIO: Mike - you're the greatest. Contact Mike today for quotes on any and all ham radio gear in Canada! ALPHA ANTENNA



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