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Ham radio HF stealth dipoles ON-AIR test and review

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:  This is post 2052 in a continuing series about Amateur/Ham Radio Antennas. Operating your amateur/ham radio station in deed-restricted housing can present difficult challenges. Rather than surrender to restrictive rules and regulations, why not be creative and make antennas that are nearly invisible, while still delivering adequate performance? In this well-paced video from the "Ham Radio Concepts Amateur Radio Channel", we see some intriguing, inexpensive HF antennas that blend in with their surroundings and give decent performance. Many of the antennas described in this video come from designs created by N9SAD.  Most of his stealth antennas are ultra-light and can be used in a variety of operating environments. If you're living in a controlled housing area, this video can give you ways to get on the air without bothering you