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6 Meter EDZ Signal Squirter. Post #1402.

6 Meter Signal Squirter ( Reporter:  N4UJW. Accessed on 14 Februrary 2018, 0400 UTC. Please click link to read the full article. If the link is down, please enter the post title into you browser search box. Here's a quick, easy, inexpensive 6 meter Extended Double Zepp antenna that will add approximately 3dB to your signal from its broadside bi-directional pattern when installed about a half wavelength above ground. Most of the materials for this  "super dipole" antenna can be found at the nearest building supply or hardware store in your area. N4UJW recommends #14 AWG stranded copper wire for the antenna elements and a balanced feedline, such as 300 ohm television twin lead, 450 ohm ladder line, and even regular lamp cord.  A balance antenna "tuner" or a tuner/balun combination will be need to connect the EDZ to your 6 meter transceiver. N4UJW offers this drawing and suggestions to make your antenna perf