How to make a 2 meter band tape antenna.


Have you ever made a 2 meter band antenna from parts found in your home?  This can be done if you have some "duck tape", some metallic tape, and way to support your new "creation."

In this video, Ben Eadie (VE6SFX) shows how he used copper foil tape, a length of "duck tape", and a homemade support to create an efficient, cheap J-Pole antenna for the 2 meter amateur radio band.

Make one of these antennas for your emergency "go-kit" or for that next POTA/SOTA expedition.

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Thanks for joining us today.

Russ Roberts (KH6JRM).

Here are some comments from Ben (VE6SFX):

Support me here:   / hamradiorookie   Duck tape, copper foil tape, and a way to connect to it can make for a amazing J-pole antenna for ham radio. John Portune's videos relating to this: John Portune's book on slot antennas (including foil antennas) J-Pole Calculator: Materials used. Duck Tape: Copper Foil tape: BNC connector: Wire: Coaxial cable: Oh and for the question that will come up it is DUCK not DUCT:    • Duck(t) Tape: the World's Most Useful...  


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