The perfect sized apartment antenna for HF Radio?


If you live in an apartment or otherwise deed-controlled living space, you may find this shortened HF antenna the answer to getting on the air.

In this video, Shane (K5QBF) of "This side of the Radio" shows us how linear loading, combined with a few basic tools, spare parts, and some ordinary speaker wire can get you on the bands in just a few minutes.

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Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

Here are some comments and suggestions from Shane (K5QBF):

In this video we are building a linear loaded dipole for hf ham radio use. This is made out of simple components and a breeze for any skill level. This antenna is the perfect size for an apartment or small yard. If you would like to support the channel please visit my merch store Thanks for watching! Links: 3D Print File - 18awg Speaker wire - Female BNC - Speaker Binding Post - Subscriber Goal ❤ ||||||||||||||| 71% |||||||........ 3.23K/4.5K Latest YT ⭐Subscriber Edilson Ramos Get $15 off any order over $65 at Radioddity! Save 10% off any order at Bridgecom! My Gear: Icom IC-7300 - Sony Headphones - RigExpert Stick 230 - Miady LifPo Battery - LifPo Charger - Tent Stakes - Glow Rope - Mini Bungee Cords- Drive on Mast Mount- iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard- Camera Tripod - iPhone Tripod Mount - Moza Nano Gimbal - Buddistick Pro - Apache Case - MFJ- 1984MP- Spiderbeam Mast - I may make a small commission on purchases made through the links above. #apartment antenna #DIY Antenna ----------Check out other Ham Radio Channels------------- Ham Radio 2.0 -    / @hamradio2   Ham Radio Crash Course    / @hamradiocrashcourse   W7HU    / n2adf   Smoke Signals RF    / smokesignalsrf​​   Ham Radio TV    / @hamradiotv   Kyle AA0Z    / kyleaa0z​​   Goodgame Ham Radio    / @k5ata   Temporarily Offline    / temporar...​   K5YVY Amateur Radio    / @k5yvy   The Smokin Ape    / thesmoki...​   Red Summit RF    / @redsummitrf   TangoOscarMike-    / @tangooscarmiken3ws   K6ARK Portable Radio    / vector511c   KB2UKA    / @kb2uka575   Ham Radio Dude    / @hamradiodude   KK6USY Ham Radio    / @kk6usyhamradioadventures   K8MRD Radio Stuff Ham Radio Nomad    / @hamradionomad   Dan KD2FMW    / @dankd2fmw489   Beau KH7FC    / munkykool   Ria    / rjairam  


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