Inverted V HF DX Antenna from a backyard.


If you live on a small urban lot, antenna placement can be a difficult problem to solve.

According to Peter Waters (G3OJV), a simple solution to the backyard antenna issue is the use of an inverted V dipole antenna.

The inverted V is inexpensive, easy-to-make, and takes up less space than a conventional horizontal dipole antenna.

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Here are some comments from Peter (G3OJV):

The Inverted V Antenna has a few advantages when it comes to erection and support. But even at low heights it can still perform as a DX antenna. Peter G3OJV, explains why ultra low angle radiation is neither needed or indeed possible in many ham radio back yards. Watch the Video and see how you can enjoy some DX. UK Ham Radio Store we Ship Worldwide Waters and Stanton Blog Grey Line Map


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