How to set up any fiberglass telescoping mast fast and easy.

 Thanks to James B. Mannes IV (W4AOX) for this simple, effective way to set up a fiberglass telescoping mast. James based his project on a design by Tracy (VE5TWM).

Just follow a few easy steps and you'll have your antenna mast erected easily and safely.  This set up is ideal for inverted V antennas and simple end-fed-halfwave antenna systems.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:

Here are a few comments from James (W4AOX):

What do you do when you're setup spot has no trees? How do you support your telescoping mast? Well, in this video I show you a quick, easy and effective way to support your telescoping mast. Inspired by a video I saw from Tracy, VE3TWM, I borrowed the idea to make something that would work for me, then show it using a DX Commander mast and TennTennas 49:1 EFHW antenna. Here is the link to Tracy's video where i got this idea:    • The Fastest and Easiest Way to Deploy...  

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