What is a W3EDP Antenna?

One of my favorite HF multiband antennas is the "classic" W3EDP antenna described by H.J. Siegal (W3EDP) back in 1936.

In this well-paced video, John (WB6V) shows us how to build a modern version of this antenna.

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Here are some general comments from John:

Fiori Films Presents Ham Radio TV: What is a W3EDP Antenna John, WB6V explains what a W3EDP Antenna is and talks about his personal experience with it. He also touches on it's history, which dates back to 1909. The W3EDP antenna is a design developed in 1936 and has found recent popularity with the Summits on the Air group and also Qrp enthusiasts. It was first written up in the March 1936 QST. A good technical description is also found in Practical Wire Antennas [pp. 33-34] by John D. Heys, G3BDQ. On 20m it is 1.5 wavelengths long On 40m it is 5/8 wavelength long On 80m it is slightly less than 3/8 wavelength long W3EDP might have patterned his design after the much publicized Zepp(elin) antenna that was patented in 1909 by Hans Beggerow. Early Zepp antennas were 1/2 WL long (or multiple) and fed with a 1/4 WL (or multiple) open wire feed line which uses only one of the wires. The feed line acted as a matching section for the transmitter. The antenna was typically connected to the transmitter with a tuned link coupled network. The HF antenna on the dirigible Graf Hinden- burg was 85′ long. W3EDP settled on a length of 84′ for the long leg of his antenna. The Vaca Valley Radio Club (VVRC) has been serving the Northern Solano County area since 1988. The VVRC takes pride in providing a friendly place for radio amateurs to meet and to improve their operating skills. Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the Nut Tree Airport 301 Airport Rd., Vacaville. The June and December meetings are typically held at a different time and location. Please see the Events section of this web site (located on the "About Us" tab) for more details. We hold weekly nets on the club's repeater (W6VVR) and give everyone the opportunity to request amateur radio assistance. The request for assistance can be physical such as putting up or taking down an antenna, or technical such as programming a hand held transceiver. If you would like to join the VVRC or renew you membership this is a link to an Application Form Browse our web site for more information about the club and what it has to offer. If you have any questions, please email us at w6vvr@arrl.net or call Bob, K6HEW at 707-448-5665.


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