Build a Dipole Antenna Center Insulator

Here's a handy, simple, and inexpensive dipole antenna accessory that will support your antenna and protect feed line connections from the weather.

Michael Martens does a good job of assembling this center insulator from readily available parts.

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This is post 2854 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

Here are a few comments from Michael:

The dipole is a common antenna for the amateur radio operator; and with good reason- dipoles are easy to build and are proven performers. Recently I wanted to build a dipole but didn't have a center insulator. Instead of paying $25-45 and waiting days for delivery‚ I decided to build my own for about $12 using common parts (with the exception of the SO-239) and tools available at your local home improvement store. Parts List: 1 - ¾ x ¾ x 1 inch PVC Tee connector 2 - ¾ inch PVC plugs 1 - 1 inch PVC plug 3 - 3/16 x 1 ½ inch eye bolts 3 - Number 10 washers 3 - 10 x 24 nylon lock nuts SO-239 bulkhead connector. Order: Rosin core solder and flux 14ga stranded insulated wire 20/40m Linked Dipole Antenna Project: Support Ham Radio Q&A by shopping at Amazon: Read my blog: Colophon: Camera Lens Wireless Microphone: Microphone: Music by license:



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