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W5ALT Indoor Vertical Antenna. Post #1567.

W5ALT Indoor Vertical Antenna. Post #1567.

Author: Walt (W5ALT).

Accessed on 28 July 2018, 0426 UTC, Post #1567.

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Radio amateurs who are forced to use compromise antennas because of deed restrictions (HOAs/CC&Rs) face some difficult challenges if they want to get on the air. There's no need to give up Amateur Radio if you're willing to research the idea of hidden or "stealth" antennas.

Such a resource is this article by Walt (W5ALT), who designed a simple base-loaded vertical antenna using aluminum rods (curtain hangers), a plastic waste bucket, a few baseboard radials, and a sturdy antenna "tuner" to tune from 6 to 40 meters.  Walt says his homebrew indoor vertical antenna has proven to be a success, with "300 contacts from about 50 countries" during his testing period.

The article takes you step-by-step through the design, construction, and operational phases of this simple, effective antenna.  The key element in this antenna is a tapped large coil which is used in conjunction with his MFJ antenna tuner to get multiband HF performance.  Walt says he built this antenna in about an hour for very little money.  Why not try out Walt's design for yourself.

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