Top Five Get-On-The-Air-Quickly Ham Radio Antennas. Post #1547.

Top Five Get-On-The-Air-Quickly Ham Radio Antennas, Post #1547.

Author:  Don Keith (N4KC).

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Antennas can be a confusing issue for newly license radio amateurs or for those returning to Ham Radio after a prolonged absence.

In this well-written, easy grasped article, Don suggests five basic antennas that can get you on the air quickly with a minimum of time and money.  Don's says these antennas are nearly foolproof and can be made with local resources:

  • "They are easy to build for most anyone who is willing to try and do not require any special tools or test equipment.
  • They may be crafted from easily available materials and cost very little, so there is not much downside if you mess them up.
  • They are not necessarily the be-all, end-all of RF radiators but they do work well enough to give a good experience to the user.
  • They are not necessarily the best for all situations, including for use in antenna-restricted neighborhoods or in condos and apartments. That's another article.
  • And if someone attempts to construct one of these bad boys, he or she will possibly learn a little antenna theory by osmosis and, just maybe, will become curious enough about the subject to learn more and try more challenging projects."
Here are the fabulous five antennas recommended by Don.

The Half-Wave Wire Dipole.
The Doublet with parallel feedline.
The Quarter-wavelength vertical.
The Horizontal Loop.
The G5RV.

For each antenna, Don outlines both the pros and cons of each design.  One of these classic antennas should be right for you!  So, please get busy and join us on the air.

Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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