Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Water's Edge Portable DX: A half square antenna on 14 MHz. Post #1396.

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Here's a simple 2-element phased vertical array that will give you some interesting results.  In this video, Peter Parker (VK3YE) tests a half square antenna on 14 MHz (the 20 meter Amateur Radio Band).  The antenna consists of a wavelength of wire bent into a wide inverted "U" suitable for long distance HF contacts.

According to Peter, the antenna is simple and easy to make:  "Take 22 meters (72.16 ft) of wire and set up two poles 11 meters (36.08 ft) apart, with equal lengths hanging down. Connect one to an antenna coupler and load it against short counterpoise wire (s)."

You may be surprised just how good this antenna is.

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