Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Amateur Radio Antenna Length Chart Post #1180.

Amateur Radio Antenna Length Chart VE3ELB
Accessed on 05 July 2017, 16:00 hrs, UTC).
Author:  VE3ELB.
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I ran across this intriguing chart and its attached antenna information while I was searching for new antenna ideas.  By itself, the antenna length chart is a "keeper", but the additional data supplied by VE3ELB is a wonderful bonus, especially for newly radio amateurs.

VE3ELB's package includes:

A useful Amateur Radio Antenna Length Chart.
Simple Wire Antennas that work (dipole, inverted vee, full wave loop, and a basic ground plane).
The  W5GI multi-band mystery antenna.
Standard Dipole Construction.

You may want to keep this article in your file in case you want to build a simple, effective antenna in a short period of time.

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