Simple Ham Radio Antennas--160m inverted L. Post #982.

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this title link into your browser search box: Now that winter has arrived and shorter days are upon us, you may want to try some contacts on the 160 meter amateur radio band, which is just above the standard AM broadcast band in the United States.  Noise tends to be a bit lower during the shorter hours of daylight and signals will be enhanced if you use "grey line" propagation.  The only drawback to 160 meter operations is the rather large antennas required, especially in terms of height.  You may want to consider the solution described and demonstrated by Steven Desmarais, who has designed and built a simple inverted L antenna for the "Gentlemen's Band."  Inverted L antennas are also suitable for 80 and 40 meters where vertical heights can be limiting factor.  Along with a good ground radial or counterpoise system, the inverted L makes an excellent vertical antenna for 160 meters.  This video shows how Steven accomplished this task with a minimum of tools, materials, and resources.  The inverted L could be the 160 meter antenna you've been looking for.

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