Simple Ham Radio Antennas--KK4OBI-Bent Dipoles. Post #987.

KK4OBI-Bent Dipoles
Author:  Dick Reid (KK4OBI).
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If you want the ease of operation and the performance of a full-length dipole antenna but lack the space to install one, then this tutorial from Dick Reid (KK4OBI) may be helpful.

Dick suggests several "Bent Dipole" designs that could have you operating in a short time.

In this post, Dick considers several popular "Bent Dipole" projects:

Center fed dipoles
Horizontal dipoles
Lateral dipoles
Vertical dipoles (excellent for 10 and 15 meters)
OCF (off-center fed) dipoles
Slow Wave dipoles
Other types and variants of dipoles

All you have to do is click on the dipole icon you want and a full list of performance tests, SWR graphs, and impedance charts will be displayed.

Dick also lists helpful reference notes and tips to get you started on your "Bent Dipole" project.

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