Simple Ham Radio Antennas--VP8STI South Sandwich Island video on web. Post #813

VP8STI South Sandwich Island video on web
Accessed on 21 June 2016, 19:45 hrs, UTC.
Please click link to view the video.


A well-produced video from the Intrepid DX Group documenting the successful DX-pedition to South Sandwich Island (VP8STI) earlier this year.  Considering the awful weather, high winds, and the unforgiving land mass which served to anchor the DX-pedition, the trip to this near Antarctic island group was quite a success. I just got the shivers from watching this video--that place is very cold and wet even in the Southern Hemisphere's "summer" season.  Although I was unable to contact the VP8 crew, I followed some of the QSOs and was glad the island crew did their best to keep QRM to a minimum.

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