Simple Ham Radio Antennas--$20 HF Portable Antenna Project. Post #796

If you're having difficulty viewing this video, please insert this title link into your browser search box: Here's another of those "wordless" tutorials that is pleasant to watch and fairly easy to follow.  Well-produced video on how to make a $20 HF Portable Antenna that covers 20 meters, 12 meters, 11 meters (CB), and 10 meters.  This antenna from "mrhighlander2003" is based on a design from Frank W. King (KM4IE). Basically, this is a base-loaded vertical helix with "stinger" wire on top.  I've built a few of these for single band use (usually 20-meters), and they have worked well with a decent ground plane or radial system.  According to "mrhighlander2003", here are the SWR readings for the bands he covers with this antenna:
20 meters (14.300 MHz)--1.11 to 1.
12 meters (24.95 MHz)--1.23 to 1.
11 meters (27.205 MHz)--1.01 to 1.
10 meters (28.400 MHz)--1.00 to 1.
You may want to build one of these antennas for portable or emergency use.
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