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Inverted L Antenna for the TOP Band. Post #1471.

Inverted L Antenna for the TOP Band. Post #1471. Author:  AI4JI. Accessed on 23 April 2018, 2129 UTC. Please click link to read the full article. Comment: Now that the solar minimum is with us, radio amateurs are exploring contacts on the lower HF bands, such as 40, 80, and 160 meters.  LF and VLF enthusiasts are equally busy experimenting with antennas for 630 meters (472 kHz) and 2200 meters (137 kHz). Antennas for these bands tend to be large and present coil and matching problems, resulting in low efficiency and power loss. According to AI4JI, an inverted L Antenna designed for 160 meters (the TOP Band) can circumvent some of the more difficult matching problems.  In this brief post, AI4JI outlines a simple 160 meter inverted L Antenna built with commonly available parts, including 14 AWG stranded copper wire, three insulators, a 300pf-500pf variable capacitor, and a simple ground radial system.  For single band, 1