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Inverted Dipole Antenna Project for a Tight Space

If you have limited space for a multiband HF antenna, try using a "homebrew" inverted v dipole. In this video from "Rob Braxman Tech", we see a step-by-step procedure for designing and using a simple inverted v dipole antenna. As Rob suggests, this effort is a project in progress and will take some time to adjust performance and efficiency. Here are some general comments from Rob: I've set up an Inverted Dipole for use with my QRP HF Radio. Because it's QRP (Xiegu X5105), I wanted to do a good job with the antenna. I started with a painter's pole from Home Depot (extends to 23 feet), 12 awg household wire, and a cut off paintbrush which I initially used as the top of the painter's pole. The limitations of the project includes being in a hillside with a sloped backyard, and very little space. But I changed it and used a more permanent attachment with a Painters Pole adapter from and then PVC parts. This will make it easier to measur