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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Excellent Folded Dipole Antenna Made Of Coax & Lamp Cord. Post #477.

I discovered this helpful, well-presented video while I was searching for a FM receive antenna  for my rural Hawaii Island QTH. FM radio reception is marginal where I live, so I was looking for an easy to build FM antenna that wouldn't cost "an arm and a leg" to design, install, and maintain. The antenna construction is fairly straightforward and involves some coaxial cable and lamp cord.  The performance on the FM broadcast band is quite good.  I also built one to monitor the repeaters serving the east side of Hawaii Island,  While these antennas are for receive purposes only, you could design a similar antenna for transmitting as well.  This is an excellent weekend project, especially for those of us in marginal FM broadcast reception areas. Related articles New community radio station will put antenna on top of Phinney Ridge's Norse Home