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Jeri Ellsworth, AI6TK, and Amy Herndon, AI6ZU, at Quartzfest 2018 Part 2. Post #1405.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: This video from Randy Hall (K7AGE) is part 2 of an extended interview with Jeri Ellsworth (AI6TK) and Amy Herndon (AI6ZU) during the couple's visit to Quartzfest 2018 in Arizona. In this video, Randy, Jeri, and Amy go outside the RV (recreational vehicle) to examine the antenna system for their vehicle.  Some of the ideas discussed in this post could be helpful for radio amateurs who operate under severed restrictions, such as HOAs and CC&Rs.  Overall, an excellent interview with some fascinating rig and antenna ideas. For the latest Amateur Radio news and information, please visit these web sites: (a weekly podcast which is updated each Friday).